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About Us

ArLeAM is a visionary brand that provides natural, high-quality products grown with extra care and exceptional love! We are a trustworthy food and beverage supplier who takes pride in delivering products that you can feel good about while consuming.

Our mission is to provide organic, beautiful, and untainted products.

Today, our scope of practice also includes branding and exporting fruits, juices, chocolate, honey, and many other products from local farmers, as well as wine, brandy, and Eau De Vie under the DOOR brand.

Grown with care, handpicked, and selected, we provide ecological produce catering to every need and taste. Whether you're looking for fresh fruits, delicious juices, or healthy snacks, we've got you covered.

At ArLeAM, we believe in the process of creation as a manifestation of love; from this spirit, we have built the brand to deliver that love straight to your home.

Starting our journey with a vision to create something special, we grew into a universal brand that delivers an international culture of distribution and consumption, by implementing European technologies.

A brand built upon universal values, driven by intuition and pure love — with no added preservatives

ArLeAM fruits

At ArLeAM intensive orchards, in the area more than 25 hectares there are grown four varieties of apples with distinctive, juicy and unique taste characteristics are grown: Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are grown. Each variety is well known by its external characteristics and gives a unique beauty to the orchards. The harvest of apples starts in August with the reddish-yellow Gala apples, followed by the greenish-yellow Golden Delicious and bright red Red Delicious. The harvest ends in September with the juicy and sour Granny Smith. Armenian apricot has a history of more than 2000 years.

ArLeAM apricot orchards cover an area of about 11 hectares, and in addition to traditional Armenian varieties, European apricot varieties such as Lunaful, Orange Rubis, Faralia and Nelson grow in ArLeAM orchards.The harvest of sweet apricots begins in June with the Lunafull apricot variety, followed by Orange Rubis, Faralia and finally Nelson. Unlike the Armenian varieties, Nelson is considered late-ripening and the harvest ripens in August.

The sweetness and beauty of the ArLeAM orchards are complemented by pear orchards with an area of about 10 hectares, where the Conference and Williams varieties grow. Conference is very sweet and fragrant, and Williams is distinguished by its unique taste: it is both sweet and sour at the same time.

In the traditional ArLeAM orchards, the harvest begins in June, with the harvest of various types of wild cherries, which are distinguished by juicy and sweet taste characteristics.